Is Dell Customer Service Good? 2018 RatingDell Support

To test Dell’s customer service, I used two different laptops: an Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 and an Inspiron 15 5000. In addition to our standard questions about how to set up Cortana and how to protect my computer from Spectre and Meltdown, I asked Dell how to adjust the color temperature on the Inspiron 15.

Whichever method I used to contact Dell, I was always asked for my laptop’s unique service tag ID number, which the company uses to track your history of support requests. It makes sense that the company would want to know exactly who is contacting them and what model the users have. But I felt a little awkward when I fired off a quick Tweet, expecting a brief response and instead got a call from my personal support guru in India several hours later.

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Dell doesn’t make it easy to find the consumer support number on the company website (you have to click at least four times from the support home page), but once you dial it, you don’t have to wait long to be connected. On none of the three support calls I made — two during the day and one at night — did I have to spend any time on hold. I did have to respond to an automated voice prompt that asked for my service tag and what my problem was, but after that, I got a human right away.

On my first call, I was connected to Zohan in India, and I asked him my question about protecting against Spectre and Meltdown. He gave me a brief, but incorrect answer, telling me that because my computer had Windows 10’s built-in Windows Defender antivirus app, I was already safe from these security vulnerabilities. While having good security software helps, Windows Update and BIOS updates provide the best way to secure your system. The call lasted just 7 minutes and 28 seconds.

On my second call, which took place at night, I was connected to Vishal in India, and I asked him how to set up Cortana and have it respond to “Hey, Cortana.” After he had me install the DellConnect remote-access software, he took over my computer and worked with me to set up Cortana within a few minutes.

However, the Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 was so slow that even clicking in the Cortana box made the computer freeze. I suggested that maybe our connection was just slow and that I would try it again later, but he was insistent that we needed to reset my computer to factory settings in order to get it working well. He then walked me through the process of resetting Windows, which took well over an hour with all the reboots and updates. Since most of that time involved just sitting there and watching the screen without doing anything, I offered to hang up and call him back later, but he insisted on staying on the line with me throughout the whole process.

While I was skeptical about the need to reset the computer, it turned out that Vishal was right. The Inspiron was much faster, and I was able to use Cortana, after we completed the rest. The call lasted an hour and 41 minutes in total. At the end, Vishal told me that he would continue to be available to me directly if I had any problems in the future, and he sent me a follow-up email with a specific email address that I could use to reach him directly. I was eager to hang up, but he was insistent that I make sure I had received his email before we could end the call.

On my third call, I reached Raini in the Philippines and asked her how to change the color temperature on the Inspiron 15 5000’s screen, because everything was tinted a little reddish. She also took over my computer via the Dell Connect app. I was hoping she would use the preloaded Dell True Color app to make the screen a little less red, but after a few minutes of exploring the menus on my computer, she found a similar group of color settings in the Intel HD Graphics control panel. Like Vishal, Raini offered to answer any other queries via email. My call with her lasted 29 minutes and 17 seconds.

Dell SupportWeb and Social Support

Dell’s website provides a solid mix of well-organized support articles. My initial question about how to protect my computer from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities was answered before I even had a chance to search. Dell has a prominent link to an article about Spectre and Meltdown at the top of the support home page.

After entering my laptop’s service tag ID, I was presented with a menu of choices specifically for my model of computer. There are tabs for drivers you can download, instruction manuals, accessories and support articles. I clicked on the support articles tab, which revealed a list of commonly used how-tos and troubleshooting guides.

I didn’t see an article on Cortana or on changing the color temperature on my list of Inspiron 15 5000 topics, so I entered those queries in the website’s search box. When I searched for Cortana, the top result was a helpful Dell video that showed how to enable “Hey, Cortana” on any Windows 10 computer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an article on adjusting the color temperature, no matter what search term I tried: “reddish screen,” “color settings” and “color temperature,” among others. Even searching for “Dell True Color,” the utility software that changes the setting, yielded no results.

If you want live help but don’t like talking on the phone, Dell also provides a live web-chat option. A few seconds after hitting the chat button, I was connected with Waheed, and I asked him how to protect my computer from Spectre and Meltdown. After a few minutes of radio silence, he sent me a message with a link to Dell’s detailed article about the security vulnerabilities.

I thanked him and thought that this would be the end of the conversation, but Waheed asked if he could take control of my computer to run a hardware scan and make sure that I had all the latest security updates. I allowed him to do that, and he took another half an hour or so to complete the task. At the end, he offered to send me an email with his email address so that I could follow up with him directly if I had any support issues in the future.

Dell answers questions via social media if you tweet @DellCares or send a DM to Dell’s Facebook account. The company was ready to help, but on both platforms, representatives nudged me to provide my laptop’s unique service tag ID.

When I tweeted a question about getting Cortana to recognize “Hey, Cortana,” I received a message 30 minutes later from @DellCares, with a link to a support page on Microsoft. This page talked about how to improve the digital assistant’s speech-recognition capability.

The Twitter account also asked me for my service tag, and a few hours after I tweeted it back at them, I got a phone call from Vishal. He asked me why I had opened up a “support ticket” about the same question he’d helped me with a couple of days before. When I said that I must have sent the Tweet in error and that he could close the ticket, he insisted that I talk to his boss, who asked me if I was happy with their service before letting me go. As a tester, I felt weird about getting called out like that, but regular consumers may appreciate this kind of personal follow-through.

Using another account, I tweeted a question about changing the color temperature on the Inspiron 15 5000, and @DellCares refused to answer my question until I sent in my service tag ID. Since Raini would probably have just called me and asked why I had the same problem she’d already solved, I gave up on asking that question via Twitter.

I sent a direct message to Dell’s Facebook page, asking how to protect my computer from Spectre and Meltdown. About 3 hours later, I got back a detailed response, advising me to make sure that my laptop had all the latest Windows and antivirus updates and sharing a link to Dell’s thorough article on the topic. The company also asked for my service tag several times, even sending me messages a few days later to follow up.


Dell backs all of its laptops with a standard one-year warranty, under which the company pays for both inbound and return shipping if you need to send a product in for service. Upgrading parts such as your memory or storage does not void the warranty.

The company offers a wide variety of warranty and support upgrades. You can pay extra to extend the warranty for up to three additional years and you can add accidental-damage protection. The company also has two levels of added support that you can pay extra to get. Available for XPS, Inspiron and Alienware systems, Dell Premium Support features onsite service, support while you travel abroad, and software that automatically detects problems and troubleshoots them immediately. Dell Premium Support Plus has all the same features but adds expert help for non-Dell issues such as setting up your network, editing photos or backing up your data.

Bottom Line

With its fast and accurate answers, wide variety of contact methods, and personalized support techs, Dell’s customer service is truly top-notch. Some users may be put off by the support techs’ aggressive approach — calling you to follow up on Tweets you sent, logging in to check on your computer when just sending a support article would have sufficed or sending you follow-up emails — but the company is bending over backward to help. While there’s room for improvement in Dell’s selection of web-support articles (I couldn’t find one on changing the color temperature), this is one of the best companies for tech support we tested.


One theory that partially answers the question is that the scammers exploited a vulnerability that became public in November. It resided on Dell PCs that came pre-installed with digital certificates that made it easy for attackers to cryptographically impersonate any website on the Internet. The same certificate, it turned out, also allowed hackers to surreptitiously obtain the unique service tag Dell assigns to computers it sells.

The theory still doesn’t explain how scammers obtained contact information and support histories. The vulnerability, however, does demonstrate the plausibility that hackers could have devised a way to obtain personal details belonging to Dell customers. For the time being, owners of Dell computers should presume their support histories and purchase and contact information has been compromised, and act accordingly.

Contacting Dell Customer Service Center

Dell is a computer company that sells a vast array of computers and electronics to personal account customers, businesses and government customers. Dell offers branded computers in additional to electronics from other companies. Support for Dell computers is available online and offline. Dell is notorious for outsourcing customer service to other countries. There is an extremely long list of Dell websites for just about every country in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Technical Support To Solve All Issues With Dell Laptop/PCDell Support

The users of the laptop may face the problems in hardware as well as software because of various issues. By contacting our technical experts, you will be able to find a complete solution with diagnostic and troubleshooting of the issues related to the software, drivers, hardware or data in your Dell laptop. By using Dell phone number, the users can also get complete information about the warranty of the laptop.
Whether you need online Dell support or you require any kind of information about the latest updates of software and drivers, it is always beneficial to use the service of Dell number to contact our experts. You do not need to visit the market to find the solution to such problems because we will solve it easily online. These support services are available 24/7 for every user of Dell systems so you never need to face inconvenience while using any of such products. Contact us now to find instant solution for all issues in Dell laptops.

 Get Customer Care Services For Solution Of Issues In Dell Laptop

Dell is one of the leading and well-established companies to manufacture a complete range of desktops and laptops all over the world. Dell is known to provide a perfect combination of good hardware and software in the computer systems and millions of people are using these products all over the world. When you are using the product of Dell, you never need to worry about any kind of issue or problem because we are here to offer good Dell customer service to the users. You will be able to get the help from our technical support service providers anytime for your system.

Whether you are using a laptop for personal use or business purpose, there can be various issues related to the hardware and software. In such cases, you will need Dell laptop customer service number to contacts our support service providers. It is easy to contact our professionals to find any kind of support service when you are facing any technical issue in your system. We are able to provide complete help when the users face any of the following issues with a laptop

  • Software, Security and Antivirus related issues
  • Server, Storage and Network related issues
  • Help for data backup and recovery
  • Performance issues in laptop
  • Problems to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or networking
  • Any issue with operating system
  • Problems with Touchpad, Mouse or keyboard
  • Issues related to video, graphics and monitor

If you are also facing any of such problems with your Dell laptop, you will need to search for our Dell support number. Now you will be able to contact our professionals in the following ways to get the help related to any of issues in your system:

  • Toll free contact number
  • Live chat option
  • Email services

The users of Dell laptops can visit our website link while searching for help on any kind of issue. At our website, you will be able to find all the required options for Dell technical support easily.

Technical Support Services For Dell Laptop Users

Dell is one of the leading manufacturers of the computer systems and laptops all over the world. Millions of users are using Dell laptops and PC systems for individual and business purpose. When it comes to using the laptops of Dell Company, you never want to face any kind of problem in IT. Whether you are using the laptop for individual purpose or business purpose, you can always get help with online Dell support services to solve all kinds of problems and errors in your system.

For every user of Dell systems, we are here to provide services at our Dell customer care number. We are available to solve the following kinds of issues in your computer or laptop system with our online support:

  • Setup and installation of the operating system
  • Installation of any software in Dell systems
  • related problems in laptop or computer
  • Help to configure the settings of your system
  • Troubleshooting of the errors and problems
  • Performance related improvements in your system
  • Hardware related issues of computer

If you are facing any of these problems in your systems, you just need to dial Dell support number and our experts will help you instantly with the best possible solution for it. We understand that you never want to compromise with your work because of any problem at your computer system. Whether it is software or hardware related issues in your laptop or PC, it is possible to get the solution with Dell customer service number for every user.

Technical Experts To Help Dell Users

Are you searching for the top professionals to provide help related to any of the issues on your Dell laptop or PC? Do you want to find an instant solution for all kinds of problems in your Dell systems? Now it is possible to contact us at Dell Technical Support number to get the instant help related to any of these errors and problems in your system.

In our technical team, we have well experienced and skilled experts who are available 24/7 to provide support services to every user who dials Dell contact number for the solution of any of the problems or queries. We always believe to satisfy every client by offering the best in class Quality Services to solve all the problems. You never need to face inconvenience to continue your work because of any kind of problem in your Dell laptop or computer system.

DELL Customer Service Phone Number

Phone Number of DELL is  1855-273-5444
Dell Inc. is a multinational company that deals in computer software and hardware. The company was set up on 1st of May 1984 with the name of PCs Limited in Austin, Texas, United States. In 1988, the company adopted the name Dell Computer Corporation. The name of theDell Inc. was given in the honor of Michael Dell, the founder and the chief executive officer of the Dell Company. In 2013, the company ranked at 385th position in the Fortune 500 list of companies. , Compellent Technologies Inc., Perot Systems Corporation and SecureWorks Inc., and Force 10 Networks Inc. Alienware Corporation were acquired by Dell in the year 2006 and Dell Inc. acquired SonicWall on 9th of May 2012. The company serves in more than 150 countries around the world through its branches and authorized dealers. According to the year 2013 records, Dell Inc. had approximately 108,800 employees globally. The company has numerous service centers across the Globe to provide solution to the customers. Apart from this, it also has Dell Support center, Dell solution station, and others.

About Dell

Dell Inc., operates its manufacturing facilities in the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland and India. On the other hand, the company operates a large network of retail stores throughout the world. The first Dell store was opened in India and it also opened numerous kiosks in many shopping malls across the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Singapore. Dell also has manufacturing facility at the Limerick, Ireland from where Dell assembles computers for the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Dell has its corporate headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, United States and covers over 2,000,000 square feet area. It took possession over Perot Systems in the year 2009 to deliver the IT services. The company is also listed on Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol DELL. It introduced recycling-program in the year 2004 and obtained the first position in Information Technology sector. Dell Inc. also promote the company through different advertising methods to increase the sale that include, television, the Internet, magazines, catalogs and newspapers.

Dell SupportDell Products and Services

Dell produces a line of network switches, printers, computer peripherals, MP3 players, data storage devices, personal computers, HDTVs, servers and cameras. It also provides IT consulting services for the development of businesses. The company is popularly known for its electronic devices. The company’s major products are desktop computers, notebook, network switches, storage area networks, electronic medical records, gaming system, and much more. Moreover, with the changing time, Dell has started marketing other products like LCD televisions, Dell monitors, LCD TVs, HDTV and monitors, Dell UltraSharp, and many others. The company major office supply product retailed to Canada that includes desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, and more. The technical and general support service related to products are also provided for the customers. The customers can also purchase its premium support services that include installations, setups, product care, troubleshooting, repair service and many others. It provides online way for the convenience of customers to make product orders and support requests by simply visiting on its official website. Dell Inc. offers wide variety of support services such as, Consumer Support Services, Enterprise Support Services, Deployment Services, and others. The company also sells additional parts for the products like, Ink, Toner, Drums, Memory Selector, Project Lamp Selector and more.

How Dell can be a complete solution for your business?

Dell Customer Care Number

The company Dell is one of the largest corporations in the world to provide versatile products. All products of Dell Corporation has high-quality services. Since 1984 Dell Corporation has been providing its quality services to its users. This company is based on computer technology which Headquarter is situated in Round, Taxes, United States. The products of Dell corporations are Dell computers, Dell laptops, Dell printer and etc. All products of Dell has advanced technology to provide its users high-class quality. As well as to help users of Dell in case of facing a technical problem there is its technical support team. The team of customer support has trained technicians to troubleshoot the problems. They fix all issues via Dell customer support number which is 24 X 7 open. You may think which problems occur with Dell products and how to fix it? These technical issues are very common and usually faced by most of Dell users. You can learn here how to troubleshoot those issues in an effective way.

Problem 1. Installation error with Dell printer

Solution: The Dell printer has advanced technology to print papers. Due to its advanced technologies usually, new users find trouble to install it. To fix installation error you can follow the steps given here.
1. Open the install Wizard for Windows website of Dell.
2. Download it and save to your computer.
3. Now open it and proceed to run the software. Scan the device via this software. It will help you to install Dell printer.
4. Either you face trouble to do it then without hesitation reach to tech support experts to get a solution.

Problem 2. Dell computer startup problem

Solution: When the users of Dell computer find the technical problem while starting it. They have it’s solved. Implement the given steps below to resolve the Dell computer startup problem.
1. Remove all disk from the drive and try to restart your computer.
2. Make sure there is no problem with newly installed hardware.
3. Try to put your device in safe mode by press F8. It will help you to fix the trouble.
4. Scan your device & make sure there is no virus on your device.
5. What is problem a Dell computer is running slowly
6. If you still unaware of reason and not finding the point, then check your keyboard. Is it connected properly?
7. Might be your troubles are not getting solved so to fix it you can use Dell computer technical support number. Via this number experts in tech support is ready to help their customers.

Problem 3. How to unlock the Dell laptop?

When any user of Dell laptop forgot the username & their device is locked. It may be difficult for you to unlock, but no need to worry. Follow the simple steps given here one by one.
1. Restart the laptop and when it starts press “F8” to start-up option.
2. Choose the “safer mode” from the option of start-up & press “enter”.
3. Now you will get the way to log in as administrator without a password.
4. Open the “administrator” login password. Here you will find the way to rest the password & unlocking laptop.
5. If you face trouble to recover the password and unlock the Dell laptop then get help from experts.
6. Dell Laptop, desktop is not starting properly.
7. Not able to take data backup in desktop or laptop.
8. Errors related to OS in Laptop or desktop.
9. Internet connection is not working in Dell laptop or desktop.
10. Network and wireless connectivity issue.

Problem 4. How to adjust Dell laptop screen?

Solution: If you are unable to adjust the laptop screen and looking for a solution, then simply follow the given steps.
1. To adjust laptop screen, tap on the top of the screen or pushing backward to change the view angle.
2. To decrease the screen brightness through Fn key + down arrow. To increase the brightness follow the vice-versa.
3. Tap to the “display settings” or Adjust Screen Resolution”.
4. Open the control panel to navigate the resolution controls.
5. Tap & hold the left mouse button on the slider control under “Screen Resolution” & drag it. Select the desired setting and save it to change. Apply and click on OK. Now close the windows and return to the main screen.
6. If you find the desired resolution then starts your work or if some changes need then again follow the procedure or ask experts via Dell tech support number.
7. Software and antivirus installation issue.
8. Virus scanning and removal issues in
9. Dell Desktop or Laptop.
10. Dell computer is running slow.
11. Why is the WiFi not turning on my Dell Laptop
12. Dell Laptop Running Slow

Problem 5. Dell printer won’t turn on

Solution: If the Dell printer won’t turn on means it has a technical issue. You need to follow the given steps one by one.
1. Make sure that the printer has a power connection.
2. If the power supply is interrupted then check and correct any visible damage.
3. Issue related to Dell printer.
4. Remove the USB and again try to turn on the printer. If the printer turns on without USB cable means it was interrupting to turn on the device.
5. If the problem is constant mean it needs advanced treatment. Use Dell technical support number to rectify the solution.

Problem 6. How to fix disk full error on Dell computer?

Solution: Sometimes Dell computer user gets an error message or disk full error even their computer has enough space. So, if you are getting disk full error on your computer, first of all, make sure that your device is really don’t have space. Perform given step to troubleshooting this error message.

1. Open “My computer” on the Dell computer & search the file located at the bar beneath of the driver.
2. If you find that the bar is red in color, move some files to another external drive.
3. If you don’t need file sharing then, keep it disabled. To disable to file sharing open “Control Panel” & click on file sharing while your document is open.
4. Tap to “Stop” and then remove the limit to save the changes.

Now check if you are still getting disk full error on your Dell computer. If you have fixed the error then it’s well & good but if not! No need to worry, experts are here to help you to sort out the issues. You can get help via customer support team and resolve the Dell computer errors.

The solution of Dell products is always available for all Dell customers. So if you ever find a problem with its products without any hesitation just use Dell customer service number. By the help of this tech support number users of Dell can resolve all kind of technical problems. users face trouble to solve issues. But the customer care team will provide you solution for Dell products. Through Dell customer care number is 24 X 7 reachable to provide technical help. Experts at Dell are trained to resolves all technical issues of Dell products. There is no limitation to find ask a question to experts related to Dell products. There are many people who face technical glitches with Dell products but don’t know how to find the solution. They can opt for customer care team of Dell to rectify the issues. Try Dell laptop technical support number which is always available to troubleshoot the customer’s problem.

Dell Essential Customer Support and Support Phone NumbersDell Support

Dell is popular Computer company and Dell is a international company it’s headquarter was located in Round Rock, Texas, United States. The Dell company provides many developments, selling products and good customer support for their products and services. Dell was founded in the year of 1984 by Michael S. Dell

Dell company is private American based multinational company and Dell products selling all over the world and providing good customer support phone number and technical support phone number for their customers to clarify their questions and queries.

Dell Essential Customer Support and Support Phone Numbers

Dell is popular Computer company and Dell is a international company it’s headquarter was located in Round Rock, Texas, United States. The Dell company provides many developments, selling products and good customer support for their products and services. Dell was founded in the year of 1984 by Michael S. Dell

Dell company is private American based multinational company and Dell products selling all over the world and providing good customer support phone number and technical support phone number for their customers to clarify their questions and queries.

Dell Technical Support and Customer Care Phone Number: 1-855-273-5444

Above mentioned number is Dell technical support phone number and this number is also for Dell customer care phone number. If you are the customer of Dell and if you have any technical issue or need support just make a call to this number to get assistance.

When your call was connected and then automated system will responses you as, welcome to Dell, and then you will get some recorded message giving you the power to do more, and then you will get alert notification as your call maybe recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

  • If you have the 7 digit extension number please say it now or enter it now Or you need to tell what purpose you makes call a short phrase to describe what you’re calling about, for example you can say things like “buy a desktop computer for my home”, or “my computer is frozen” now tell me what you’re calling about. This is for only example you can say what you are looking for.

Dell Check or Modify Order Status Phone Number: 1855-273-5444

Above mentioned phone number for to check dell order status for their customers. If you are the customer of dell and if you are looking information related to dell order status related services. Just make a call to this number.

When your call was connected and then automated system will responses you as, welcome to Dell, and then you will get some recorded message giving you the power to do more, and then you will get alert notification as your call maybe recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Dell Customer Support Number For Online Technical Help

Dell is known for the brand image as it is the topmost leading organization in the tech world. The Dell was established with a mission to provide better quality products in the tech industry. Its products are used everywhere in the world as its main products are computer, laptops, printer, tablets and many others. It is also involved in developing related products and services. Apart from it, Dell Customer Care Toll Free Number Services are recognized for its quick response to the users for their every kind of technical issues they face while using Dell products whether it is Dell computer, laptop, or printer. The users can reach out to the Dell Customer Support Number to resolve their every issue which they confront.

Dell Technical Customer Support Phone Number

Dell is brand which doesn’t require any kind of introduction as it built up a huge image in the tech world and one of the topmost organization which is dealing in multiple products like Desktop, Laptops, and Printers. It has a huge clientele in across the world and the simple reason behind its success is the quality and the technology is utilized in the products. Dell is not a new brand as it established log way ago and since then it has progressed in the upward direction and evolved in many ways and especially in the matter of technology and customers. Dell can be counted as one of the best brands in the tech world with several useable products which comprised of many features and functions. All these products can avail from the online store of Dell and if ever you confront with any kind of technical hiccups then you can rectify with the help of Dell Customer Support Numberwhere you will be assisted by the certified technicians. Dell users can avail it at any time, yes anytime means 24×7 online and the technicians will help you in getting resolved the issues which you face while using any Dell products.

Although there are several technical hiccups in Dell product such Desktop, Laptop, and Printer due to lack of knowledge of users, yet here some of them can be described such as-

The following are few Dell computer and laptop or printer related issues which you might face –

  • Error related to factory reset in Dell laptop
  • Black screen issue in Dell laptop
  • The headphone jack is not working properly in Dell laptop
  • Unable to start Dell laptop
  • Dell Computer has a starting problem
  • Dell computer is not booting to Windows 10
  • Bluetooth is not working on the laptop properly
  • Driver installation error on PC
  • Windows setup is not working in Dell laptop in a proper manner
  • Windows update issue Dell Computer
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issue in Dell laptop
  • Windows is not able to install properly
  • Networking issues are there on Dell laptop
  • Paper Jam Issue in Dell Printer
  • A slow Printing error in Dell Printer
  • Dell printer is showing offline
  • Dell Printer spooler is off.
  • Unable to install setup of Dell printer.

All the issues which are mentioned above can be resolved, but you will be required to just reach out to the Dell Customer Care where all the issues will be cared of by the well-qualified technicians who will handle them and provide you a rapid and perfect solution. You have the opportunity to avail such service by simply a call and you will get a quick response from the tech support team. All the issues will be resolved without any kind of hassle.

How can you get the assistance from Dell Customer Care Number?

Dell Technical Support team comprised of skilled and experienced technicians who have the capacity to handle every kind of technical glitches whichever you face whether in Dell Computer, Laptop or Printer. You have to just reach out to them and they will immediately respond to your each and every single query in an instant manner and start working upon that with diagnostic process and after that, they will analyze the error for a solution. Few critical issues are mentioned below which will be handled by the tech support team such as-

  • You will be assisted for Dell Laptop Support which has an issue of OS
  • Support for Optimization of Dell Laptop
  • 24×7 online help for removing the virus on Dell laptop
  • Help for error in Dell Laptops for Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Assistance for Setup & Configuration issue in Dell Laptop
  • Support for antivirus Installation and Removal in Dell Computer
  • Live assistance for Firewall and Proxy error in Laptop
  • Online support for error in OS Update and Software Uninstallation
  • Errors related to data Storage and Backup assistance for Dell Laptops
  • Support on calls for Dell Laptop related to Internet Connection Issues
  • Toll-free helpline support for driver Installation or Repair Issues in Dell Laptops

You can get all kind of support system in various form as technicians are always ready to handle technical hiccups. All the issues will be resolved in a rapid manner with the help of Dell Customer Service Number and HP Customer Support Numberwith a hassle-free solution. You are not required to handle any issues on your own and just reach out on the provided details where expert technicians will help you in providing you the best solution according to the priority basis.


Dell Printer Support: Why to choose us?

In this technology-prone era, everyone desires to have access to different things at their fingertips. Whether it is a corporate office or home, people always want quick results as they don’t have much patience. Amidst these scenarios, printers are the best options to make your work faster and relevant. An advanced form of printers are highly beneficial and offer great services to the customers.

Have you ever wondered how your new business idea or presentation is given a concrete form because of your printer? Well, printers are the most dependable options to sort out the issues before presentation like report maintenance, presenting data inaccurate charts and files, and much more. This will enable the organization to achieve their dreams within a short period. Productivity will increase, and there will be no issues of security.

Typical monitoring and meeting organizational needs are some of the best things provided by the dell printer customer care service, and you can opt for them anytime you need for. All you need to do is call us, or else, search the website for further details. Are you wondering why you would choose our services? Here are some facts regarding printer service. Let’s have a look at them!

Save time and get better results

If you are selecting us for your faulty printers, then you are surely saving much of your time. The amount of time you will waste on searching the local printer service providers can be utilized in finding the solutions for printer related problems. People are using the printer for many things, like printing any important documents before the presentation, and much more.

Thus, when the user confronts any issues in the printer, they often get panic and become confused regarding the services. Thus, we are providing you with reliable services and saves time too. Our teams can easily find the faults that are linked with the printers and will offer you immediate solutions as well. To plan the risk properly and to solve them minutely is what our organization is famous for.

Save the money

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Stay up-to-date

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Dell Contact Number: 1855-273-5444

Contact Dell on their freephone customer service number 1855-273-5444 for free to track an order and to get technical support advice for your PC & laptop device.

General Enquiries – 1855-273-5444

Phone Dell customer services for free on their freephone contact number 1855-273-5444 to make general enquiries about their range of home PCs, laptops and computer accessories and to track an existing order. You should also call their customer care team if you would like to amend or cancel an order and to notify them if you won’t be in when your delivery is due, therefore you wish to change your delivery time. Additionally you should also phone this helpline if you do not recognise an item on your invoice and you therefore think you’ve been overcharged for your purchase. This helpline is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, so please note you will be unable to resolve your query on a weekend or US bank holiday.

Complaints – 1855-273-5444

Make an official complaint to Dell by calling their telephone contact number 1855-273-5444  for free to make your initial complaint to a customer service advisor. You should call this freephone number if you have been offended by a member of staff or if you are having repeat problems with your Dell device, software or server.

Technical Support – 1855-273-5444

Contact Dell’s Technical Support division on their freephone telephone number 1855-273-5444 to get troubleshooting advice on your laptop or PC issue and to get a refund for your defective device through their collect & return service. You can call this number for any hardware issues as well as for any Dell software problems. You should also call this number to arrange for an engineer to come out and look at your technical issue as part of their in-home service. Additionally you should call this helpline to get a replacement for your device if it is under warranty or if your policy has expired and you would therefore like to extend your warranty for an additional charge. Finally if you are experiencing technical difficulties with your Dell Wyse server & cloud computing device you should call the above telephone number for troubleshooting advice and engineer support. Alternatively if you would prefer to contact the Dell technical support team online you can do so by going to their dedicated website and entering your specific service tag or express service code number in the relevant search field.

ProSupport – 1855-273-5444

Phone Dell’s ProSupport division on their business-rate contact number 1855-273-5444 to request an engineer callout to look at your server, storage or network issue and to request a system maintenance check. Additionally you should call this helpline to manage your ProSupport contract with Dell by renewing it or cancelling it. Specially-trained Dell advisors will be able to assist you with both hardware and software issues with your commercial server and request a 24/7 call-out in the event of a technical failure on your system. Furthermore please examine the list below to find out if you should call 1855-273-5444 for your particular third-party software issue as you may be able to get ProSupport troubleshooting assistance for issues with these programs:

  • Force10
  • Citrix VDI
  • Active System Manager
  • Hermes DAS