McAfee Antivirus Customer Service and Support


McAfee antivirus is developed and managed by a reputed and highly dedicated global computer security technology software company named as Intel Security Group, which was previously renowned by the name McAfee Inc. With a vision to prevent home and office PCs, McAfee is not available in the standalone package as users can avail McAfee Virus Scan Plus as well as Internet security for Windows OS. Other than this, Virus scan and internet security is also available MAC and other IOS devices such as iPad and iPhone as per their compatibility of. Along with that, Intel security Group also offers McAfee Mobile security for Android device. McAfee Antivirus Customer Service is offered by the experts working with Intel security group to deliver complete assistance to users in case they face any kind of problems using antivirus application on their PC and mobile device. For this McAfee Antivirus Support Number is available with which users can contact qualified experts anytime 24*7-365 days to get troublesome issues fixed in shortest time period.

Features of McAfee Antivirus Explained

With essential features such as on-access file scanner, inbound and outbound firewall protection, Spyware protection, automatic virus definition updates, McAfee X-Ray malware and rootkit detection, McAfee System Guards; the antivirus developed by Intel Security group has gained reputation among the PC and mobile users and is giving tough competition to other trusted brands manufacturing security shield. Here are some of the features in McAfee Antivirus Customer Service program that enables it to give the toughest competition to other brands gaining prominence across the world.

  • Secure mobile and PC device against virus and online threats.
  • Blocks access of malicious websites and warn before unsecured downloads.
  • Prevent your paid or free email account inbox clogged up with junk or spammy messages.
  • Remove complex issues associated with username and password management.
  • Deliver inclusive mobile security in which McAfee Intel security application is installed.

McAfee Antivirus Customer Service for Eliminating MacAfee Antivirus Problems in Shortest Wait

McAfee Antivirus support is offered round the clock to help users getting their queries resolved or technical glitches fixed within a short span of time. They can contact experts working with Intel security group by dialing McAfee Antivirus phone number for knowing about the functionalities in upgraded versions of antivirus device as well as take their help for McAfee antivirus installation with product keys.

McAfee products with all the latest versions in the form of CD and OEM software are available at our online store for instant purchase. For users, who are looking to buy the McAfee internet security or McAfee total security subscription or renew the existing ones can place order online. Other than this, renewal coupons or retail card issues by McAfee and McAfee Antivirus Customer Service are easily available at our stores for instant download and installation.

Why Need to Use McAfee Antivirus for Device Security?

As there are several brands manufacturing sophisticated antivirus program that can secure PC ,android or IOS device as well as render internet security, which include blocking of phishing and hacking activities; users generally get confused and have a question that always creep up in their mind as why there is need to avail support for McAfee Antivirus installation for device security as there are many other brands already available in the internet world with PC security applications and are offering free as well as paid versions. McAfee Customer Service  is available round the clock as experts are always available 24*7-365 days to assist antivirus users in scanning and cleaning their PC or mobile device as well as fix all kind of problematic issues; whenever McAfee Antivirus customer service number is available.

There are certain reasons behind it:

  • McAfee renders protective shield to the PC & mobile device by blocking virus and malware files.
  • It blocks the intrusion of adware, spyware and rootkit files in the PC and mobile device.
  • Does not allow the access of malicious or untrusted website on the device.
  • Do not allow dangerous downloads on PC.
  • Encrypt files stored on your Windows PC and mobile device.
  • Provide secured Wi-Fi protection, Web safety and PC Optimization tools for complete device protection.
  • Anti-malware, firewall and Web safety tools for Mac.
  • Anti-theft and file protection for IOS tablets and smartphones.

What Things Need to be Considered While Using McAfee Antivirus?

  • Check the security status on all your protected devices after installing McAfee Antivirus
  • Locate, lock or wipe out lost or stolen tablet or Smartphone
  • Data backup, anti theft, app privacy and Wi-Fi protection for tablets and Smartphone.
  • Delete sensitive digital files that prevent dangerous downloads.
  • Prevent intrusion of all kind of spam and malicious files.
  • Security management console available on Windows, Android, and IOS devices.

What are the Basic McAfee Antivirus Problems?

McAfee Antivirus Customer Service : Despite amazing features possessed in McAfee antivirus program developed by Intel Security; there are certain problematic issues that occur all of the sudden during post or pre-installation of antivirus application due to which some or the other technical glitches such as installation problems in McAfee, corrupt setup files, invalid product key issues, unable to update virus definitions, problems in McAfee antivirus upgrade to latest version, troubles with McAfee antivirus renewal, McAfee retail card issues, problems scanning mobile and PC device, unable to block the intrusion of adware, spyware and rootkit files in the device through internet, problems in removing the traces of malware and other virus files found during scan, compatibility issues with Windows OS 8 and 8.1, frequent disconnection of antivirus product from the server, unable to uninstall or re-install McAfee products, PC screen freeze at the time of  full device scan using McAfee Security plus, device performance degrades post installation of McAfee support that makes antivirus application vulnerable to use. This kind of robust technical glitches cannot be fixed by users on their own as they need assistance from McAfee antivirus customer service experts by interacting them with qualified experts through McAfee Antivirus customer service contact number.

List of Troublesome issues in McAfee Antivirus

1.Mcafee Installation and Un-installation Problems

  • Incomplete installation problems creeping up in McAfee.
  • McAfee antivirus server installation error.
  • Corrupt setup files found during the installation
  • Errors creep up during installation of McAfee Antivirus plus
  • McAfee antivirus uninstalls all of the sudden.
  • Internet access not possible after McAfee antivirus plus 2013.
  • Compatibility issues with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • McAfee antivirus uninstaller not working in Mac desktop and Mac Book Air.
  • McAfee antivirus uninstall password not working.
  • Unable to download and install McAfee antivirus uninstaller.
  • McAfee consumer product removal tool not responding after activation.
  • Unable to uninstall and remove McAfee internet security.

2. Activation Problems in McAfee Antivirus and Internet security

  • McAfee antivirus subscription not getting activated.
  • Trouble activating McAfee Antivirus plus 2013.
  • Activation key of McAfee Antivirus 2012 not working.
  • Unable to activate McAfee antivirus plus 2015 even with the valid product key.
  • Problem activating McAfee antivirus in Dell laptop and desktop.
  • Antivirus product unable to connect with server during activation
  • Not prompt window found to input McAfee antivirus product key.
  • Activation issues keep on arising while using McAfee Antivirus CD or USB flash drive.

3. Renewal Problems in McAfee Antivirus and Internet Security

  • McAfee internet security subscription renewal leading to a system
  • Device security issues becoming hindrance in McAfee antivirus product renewal
  • Unable to renew McAfee antivirus even after entering renewal code
  • McAfee antivirus dashboard showing renewal notice even after subscription is renewed
  • Unable to pay McAfee auto renewal Subscription fees online.

4. Performance Issues in McAfee internet security

  • Unable to quarantine or perform virus scan upon detection.
  • Problems in blocking the intrusion of adware, spyware and rootkit.
  • Cannot prohibit the access of un-trusted or malicious websites.
  • Freezes PC or mobile device when system scan is ON.
  • Anti-spam and parental functions disable all of the sudden after 1 week of subscription purchase or renewal.
  • Cannot access the website on web browsers such as Google Chrome and Internet explorer (for Windows) and Safari (for Mac) once McAfee internet security suite is installed.

McAfee Retail Card Issues

  • Unable to activate McAfee Retail Card from the official website.
  • Problems downloading and install of McAfee antivirus using MIS and MTP retail card.
  • Cannot redeem McAfee Retail card to buy new subscription of antivirus product
  • Invalid 25 digit activation code provided on McAfee retail card.
  • McAfee retail card product key not working.
  • The link provided on McAfee retail card not responding.

How to resolve the problems and issues of McAfee Antivirus?

Users; who generally use PC or mobile device has one or the other brand of antivirus installed in the same in order to protect the device from any kind of malicious activities. With McAfee antivirus gaining prominence in the internet world, people generally get attracted towards the application designed by Intel Security. With rapid scanning technology and quick detection of virus and malware files in the device as well as blocking the access of malicious websites; McAfee has gained appreciation from many users across the world due to this feature as many brands are unable to deliver this kind of functionality to the users for defending their device in a proper way. McAfee antivirus customer care team can be contacted anytime for quick help as they are available 24*7-365 days for instant customer support; whether it is for query resolution or for problem fixation.

There are several functionalities of which some of them are quite complex and users are unable to use them or face troublesome issues while giving a trial. As they are unaware about the newly launched features in McAfee antivirus; there comes a scenario where they need the assistance of highly qualified and experienced McAfee customer support experts to get their queries or issues resolved within a short span of time. McAfee Support Phone Number is available for the customer service; contacting which users can interact with qualified customer service experts and discuss how to use advanced functionalities in McAfee or get resolution for troublesome issues occurring all of the sudden due to technical glitches arising in McAfee antivirus.

Why need to Contact McAfee Customer Service Team to Fix McAfee Antivirus Issues/Problems?

The experts working with Intel security to deliver McAfee customer service is highly proficient in resolving  all kind of critical issues that occur all of the sudden in McAfee antivirus and McAfee internet security suite as well as security plus application suite. With various kind of troublesome issues occurring all of the sudden in McAfee antivirus; users are unable to fix the problems due to lack of knowledge and experience. All they need is the highly experienced tech guy; who can get troublesome issues fixed in quick time. One of the expert tech guys working with Intel security is assigned to fix the issues in any of the McAfee product once he/she is contacted by a user through official McAfee Customer Support Phone Number . A certified tech guy analyzes the root cause of the problem and troubleshoots the same in quick time by applying technical skills and experience.

How to Contact McAfee Customer Service Experts by Phone for Issues Resolution?

Antivirus support number is an independent online service provider that establishes a connection between users and Intel security experts so that they can contact tech guys working with McAfee customer support team and get all kind of queries or issues resolved in quick time.  Though Intel security has launched its own McAfee Antivirus Customer Service for the convenience of the users; but due to huge on-call waiting queues; antivirus users sometimes get frustrated. In order to avoid this kind of scenarios; Antivirus Support Number offers alternative phone line to help users getting connected with experts; who work for Intel security and deliver quality assistance to all the users who have McAfee product installed on their PC, android or IOS device.

Why Choose Us?

  • Establishes Phone connection between users and Experts working with Internet security.
  • 24X7- 365 Days Support Available to Troubleshoot and Repair Installation Issues.
  • Quality help in removal of spyware and malware from your computer.
  • Help in a quick update of new feature and latest release.
  • Delivers services for PC Speed Optimization to get fast computing.

McAfee Technical Support

McAfee developed and managed by Intel Security Corporation; is known as one of the best antivirus products of all times to protect the device from all kind of possible online threats. Its main aim is to nullify virus and malware attack by delivering enhanced security to your PC or mobile device irrespective of OS installed in the same. Each and every time, when user connects external storage device or access internet; the device is always on risk and gets highly prone to malicious attack conducted by virus files.  With Intel security providing official McAfee technical support services with the help of certified and experienced tech guys through email, live chat or on phone; it becomes quite convenient for the PC and mobile users to get their device secured with the help of antivirus and Internet security application. McAfee technical support phone number is officially launched by Intel for the convenience of the users; who can interact with them on phone and get issues or queries resolved on time. Assistance can be taken in terms of installing, updating and upgrading McAfee antivirus application and users sometimes face issues regarding the same and avail McAfee help with the McAfee Technical Support; launched by Intel Security Corporation to get instant support.

Features of McAfee Technical Support Program

With McAfee having launched its advanced suite named as McAfee Endpoint Protection; it plays a vital role in preventing Windows, Mac and Linux system on and off the network  as well as render security shield in a most proficient manner. The newly launched McAfee products with different functionalities; keeps your system and data secure as well as amenable with the help of centralized policy based management.

Here are some of the features in McAfee that has helped this antivirus in gaining supremacy over other brands:

  • Plays an essential role in blocking the intrusion of virus, adware, spyware, root kits, and Trojan worms with help of effective real time anti-malware protection.
  • Deliver greater visibility and control of security defenses as well as on compliance tools with the help of influenced centralized management functionality.
  • Keep a close look on all data copied to external device with certain restrictions in order to ensure that sensitive information remain safe.
  • Prevent email account inbox from filling up of junk or spam messages.
  • Render complete internet security by blocking the access of malicious or un-trusted website on the desktops and laptops as well as on IOS and android devices.

Users generally need assistance from certified tech experts working with McAfee tech support team to know about the functionalities of antivirus knowing which they can apply the same without any hassle. McAfee technical support number is available for the antivirus users who can give a call to the experts at the time of need and interact with them to get any kind of queries or typical issues resolved that may arise while using functionalities of McAfee antivirus.

Consistent Problematic Issues for Which McAfee Antivirus Technical Support is Required

  • McAfee antivirus not getting installed properly.
  • Firewall configuration issues.
  • Corrupt setup files found during installation of McAfee antivirus
  • Update problems in McAfee products arising persistently.
  • Virus definitions in McAfee not getting updated.
  • McAfee antivirus upgrade problems.
  • McAfee uninstall and re-install giving problems.
  • Unable to install McAfee total protection on PC.
  • Wireless connection issues caused by McAfee software.
  • McAfee antivirus all of the sudden starts scanning and updating.
  • Device deadlock issues while using updated antivirus plus application.
  • Unable to access websites on Google chrome after installing McAfee total protection.
  • Sudden disconnection of McAfee antivirus from Intel server.
  • McAfee compatibility issues with Windows OS 7, 8 and 8.1.
  • McAfee antivirus plus not responding.
  • Unable to remove virus and malware files after detection in the PC and mobile device.
  • Problem blocking the access of unauthorized or malicious website intruding adware and spywares in the device.
  • Antivirus program freezes the complete device during virus scan.
  • McAfee internet security subscription renewal problems.
  • McAfee antivirus dashboard showing renewal notice even after subscription is renewed.
  • Windows OS crash during Migration of McAfee antivirus product to McAfee Internet security.
  • Unable to activate McAfee Retail Card from the official website:
  • McAfee internet security product activation issues.
  • Cannot redeem McAfee Retail card to buy new subscription of antivirus product.
  • Activation keys of McAfee Antivirus 2012 and 2013 not working.
  • The link provided on McAfee retail card not responding.
  • All other general or technical issues in McAfee antivirus suite.

Why Need to Avail McAfee Help desk Services to Fix Antivirus Issues?

There are certain technical problems that all of the sudden creep up while using McAfee antivirus and makes it vulnerable to use. A user; who face these kinds of troublesome problems might not be that much proficient or expert in fixing the issue as he/she needs an assistance of highly-qualified McAfee Technical Support experts; who can fix problems in quick time whenever McAfee Antivirus Support Number services are availed by dialing Intel Security McAfee helpline number. 

A certified and professional expert working at McAfee support center is available anytime round the clock to get critical issues fixed within short span of time.  Official contact number for McAfee support is available online for the convenience of users so that they can interact with qualified tech guys and get answer for the queries or to get troublesome issues resolved within short span of time.

How to Contact McAfee Technical Support for Problem Fixation?

Users can easily get in touch with certified experts by dialing McAfee Technical Support to get troublesome issues fixed within short span of time. But on some several occasions due to huge on-call waiting queues, users generally get frustrated as they need instant tech support services from Intel security experts to troublesome problems in quick time.

McAfee Technical Support is an independent online service provider that help users connect with tech experts working for Intel security in quick time through alternate phone line as well as interact with them to get proper resolution for the particular issues. We render advanced technology to deliver quality and immediate McAfee Technical Support to the antivirus users by making them  interact with qualified expert in order to get problematic issues resolved in a streamlined manner as tech guys working with Intel security are highly qualified and experienced enough to deliver best possible options in quick time.

Why Choose McAfee Technical Support?

  • Establish connection between user and McAfee expert for issues resolution.
  • Quick Diagnostic of Issues in McAfee product.
  • Deliver 24*7-365 days Support to fix McAfee product installation issues.
  • Complete assistance in renewal of McAfee antivirus subscription.
  • Help in Troubleshooting McAfee antivirus upgrade errors.
  • Assistance in activating McAfee antivirus product through retail card.
  • Quick Technical help in fixing compatibility issues with Windows OS 7, 8 and 8.1.


On the off chance that you require McAfee customer service that implies you has some issue identified with McAfee antivirus? The antivirus item was propelled with the name McAfee Window washer. McAfee Customer Support Number is accessible for the comfort of the clients. On the off chance that, they confront any sort of issues while utilizing functionalities of an antivirus item. McAfee Antivirus Support Number is accessible to assist antivirus clients getting associated with affirmed specialists working with McAfee Incorporation to get their inquiries or issues settled whenever round the clock. Clients can benefit Support for McAfee Antivirus and interface with qualified specialists by reaching at the McAfee antivirus technical support.


McAfee is finished bundle and can get together with your security require both home and business. It doesn’t make a difference that on the off chance that you are an individual or an expansive entrepreneur, McAfee is all that what you have to protect your frameworks and private data from being bargained. By and by, clients confront various issues while introducing, utilizing, and redesigning the antivirus. McAfee Technical Support Numberoffers the coveted cure in the base turnaround time.


  •  Complete protection for Windows, MAC, Android, and IOS device through multi-device coverage feature in order to keep data and identity secured and safe.
  •  On security for your data and identity 24×7.
  •  Anti-ransomware technology encapsulated in the antivirus application.
  •  McAfee technical is specialized in URL and website test out for malicious content.
  •  Proper monitoring of firewall and network connections.
  •  Un-trusted website and tools blocker to prevent user from any mishap.
  •  McAfee antivirus provides security shield to prevent usernames, passwords and account numbers from getting hacked through identity theft protection feature.
  •  McAfee antivirus scans the devices fast.
  •  Prevent usernames, passwords and account numbers from getting hacked.
  •  All day protection for all devices via multi-device coverage feature in order to maintain data and identity protected.
  •  Automatic backup and online storage.

Users can get the help from the McAfee technical support team by dialing McAfee antivirus support contact number and can collaborate with specialists working with McAfee Inc specifically for snappy help identified with establishment and un-establishment, actuation and also the reestablishment of antivirus item.


McAfee is an awesome programming composed and created for straightforwardness and toughness, nonetheless, there are still cases that clients faces issues with respect to McAfee antivirus and for that they have to call our third party (Toll-Free) McAfee Support Contact Number for help.

There is a not insignificant rundown of the specialized bugs which normal users confront while using the highlights of McAfee antivirus. We are giving few of them here :-

  •  Installation Problems in McAfee Antivirus.
  •  Problems in activating McAfee antivirus product.
  •  Unable to update virus definitions.
  •  Problems in PC Optimization.
  •  Anti-ransomware functionality in antivirus program not working.
  •  Interruptions occur while scanning the PC, MAC, and Smartphone devices.
  •  Problems in removing the traces of Trojan worms and malware files.
  •  Problems in cleaning spam or junk files stored in PC or Mac device.
  •  Slow performance of PC and sometimes the device freeze up issues during real time scan.
  •  Issues in configuring the firewall in device along with McAfee application.
  •  Compatibility issues with Windows OS 8 and 10.
  •  Network connection error due to McAfee application installed in the device.
  •  Unable to access the internet using Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.
  •  Not able to renew McAfee antivirus.
  •  McAfee just in the middle of scanning process.

This previously mentioned issues might be happens now and again that isn’t normal. So to determine these issues take the help of qualified McAfee Customer Service specialists; who can be reached effortlessly with the assistance of McAfee customer support phone number.


Qualified specialists working with McAfee Support group can be reached effectively as they are accessible 24×7-365 days for appropriate determination of the issues happening the greater part of the sudden in antivirus item. Users by and large take help of McAfee Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number to contact McAfee support specialists keeping in mind the end goal to settle troublesome issues happening in antivirus gadget inside a limited capacity to focus time.


The users require some specialized hand to determine all these specified issues. The clients have not to stress as we have a specialized help team, which can resolve their everything issues through McAfee Customer Support Help Phone Number where they will be helped by our experts of level six and will be accessible 24×7.


McAfee Antivirus Support Contact Number is given by the association to the simplicity of the users to convey support benefits in the in the most limited time conceivable. We are in the time where best in class innovation based contraptions and framework are extremely regular being used. The McAfee Support is the best among all the antivirus programming that has the ability to deal with these kinds of errors.